Silver Brush Ruby Satin

Silver Brush Ruby Satin Round Brush

Silver Brush's synthetic fiber Ruby Satin Brushes offer the feel of an interlocked bristle, but with more durability than natural hair. Ruby Satin is a revolutionary new synthetic, offering the control and snap of interlocked bristle, but with more durability and affordability than natural hair. Perfect for blending, double loading, layering and stroke work, these brushes offer superb color control with heavy body, tube or jar acrylics, oils, gouache, encaustic or casein. Ruby Satin offers a vast selection for artists working in every medium and the brushes handle well on most surfaces. Paint with confidence on wood, canvas, or tough fabrics like sweats, jeans or heavy cotton. Ruby Satin brushes are also attractive and comfortable to grasp. Silver tipped, deep green polished handles are sealed and set in seamless nickel-plated brass ferrules.

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