Princeton 6100 Summit

Princeton Series 6100 Synthetic Round Brush

Princeton Series 6100 Brushes feature synthetic bristle hairs, which are interlocked for resilience and control. Silver ferrules with green handles.

  • Round: Paint details and outlines; thin to thick lines. An all purpose brush.
  • Flat: Make sweeping strokes to lay in large areas of color such as sky or foreground.
  • Bright: Produces short crisp strokes; control detail and place color accurately.
  • Filbert: Combine the advantages of flat and round; blend and place color precisely.
  • Angle Bright: Paint with both sharply defined edges and contrasting soft shaded areas, such as foliage.
  • Fan: Smooth and blend colors; for special effects and textures such a grass, trees and shrubbery
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