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5 Reasons to Take an Art Workshop: Whether You’re a Beginner or a Pro

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By K. McDermott
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5 Reasons to Take an Art Workshop: Whether You’re a Beginner or a Pro


(1.) Everyone Can Be an Artist

All it takes to become an artist is to make art. Did you have a terrible teacher criticize your drawings in middle school? Do you feel like you "aren't as creative as other people” sometimes? Do you feel like you don't fit the mould when you think of what an artist is "supposed" to look like? Artists come from all backgrounds and work in all mediums, and nobody is born a great artist. Art takes practice.

Artistic ability is a muscle that needs to be exercised. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made art before—if you begin to create art and continue to create art, you can call yourself an artist. It doesn’t matter what stage in life you start to make art. You’ll get better with practice and exploration.

(2.) You’ll Meet New People

Taking art classes is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. You may have the opportunity to interact with people of different ages and backgrounds who you might not meet otherwise. It’s fun to be surrounded by people who also share your love for art and your enthusiasm to learn.

Even if you are a professional artist, taking a workshop can give you a kick start when you’re in a creative rut. You can experiment with a medium you are unfamiliar with or develop stronger skills in your chosen medium. Taking a class will also put you in contact with new people and new ideas. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to help spark development in your life as an artist.

(3.) It Can Help You Relax

It has been scientifically proven that creating and looking at artwork lowers blood pressure. When you make artwork and become immersed in the process, it changes your brainwaves and rate of breathing. Some people can fall into a kind of meditative state when creating art. Art really is mind over matter!

(4.) You Can Make for Yourself

Do you miss high school art classes? Do you miss taking college courses? An art workshop is a great way to regain the joy of learning for yourself. The process of making artwork is sometimes more valuable than the finished result. Not only can you make a beautiful piece of art to decorate your home with, you can learn new things about yourself as a person. Being creative for fun can help you solve problems at work or in other aspects of your life.

(5.) You Can Make for Others

If you make a really great piece of art in a workshop, you can give it to someone you love as a gift, or use the skills you learned to create many gifts. Handmade gifts sometimes mean more because of the time and effort required to make something for someone. If you’re too shy to give away what you’ve made, maybe you could give a friend or family member the gift of art by signing up for a class together!

If you are interested in taking any of our art classes, we offer workshops at our Nashville, Rockville, Towson and Kenwood locations. Your local community college, local artists’ studios or schools, and county recreation departments are other great resources for workshops!



February 26, 2016
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