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Studio Stories

“Part of my life is that I am split into these different things; there is the book, there is my teaching and then there is my art.”

Lauren Rader is a Maryland-based artist, author, and art educator. In 2005, she began teaching art classes to women called ‘Releasing the Creative Powers Within’. Inspired by the women’s individual creative journeys and life-changing experiences taking place within these art classes, Lauren wrote the book Studio Stories: Illuminating Our Lives Through Art to document and share their unique transformations.

Lauren Rader

Why did you decide to open up your personal home studio and teach art classes there?

“I have been teaching since I was 17. And I always taught kids. And I lived in California for 17 years. When we moved to Maryland, I didn’t teach at all for a while. People always told me I should teach adults, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. I was talking to a friend about what to do next. She said I should teach an art class for adults called ‘Releasing the Creative Powers Within’. And I knew that was what I needed to do. I didn’t really want to teach a painting class or a drawing class, but rather a class that focused on creativity in general, which is my comf...

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Kate Plourde - Pool - 2016

Being an artist means being open to discovery; being an abstract artist also means being constantly open to uncertainty. How do you paint a feeling rather than an object? How do you guide your mediums when you can’t see what you’re painting in front of you?

Kate Plourde is an abstract artist living in Washington, DC. She creates ethereal large-scale abstract paintings on paper; exploring memory, experiences and emotions in her delicate, smoky forms and landscape-like contours. “I’m always looking for ways to play with what the medium wants to do and what I want the medium to do,” says Kate.

Though she typically creates her paintings using mediums like Liquitex and Golden acrylics on high quality Rives BFK or Stonehenge paper, Kate does not limit herself to one mode of creating. She occasionally practices the esoteric art of bookbinding, as well as creating ultra-modern digital art. For part of her thesis at the Corcoran, she used Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to create the digital animation installation, “Tidal” (2015), which is pictured further below.

It is always interesting to see how abstract artists title their pieces and what role the title plays in the viewer’s perception o...

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