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hand lettering society

Who handwrites letters anymore? Amina Ahmad and Christy Batta still do, literally—they practice the art of hand lettering—writing in different lettering styles, for fun. I met with them on Halloween at the Fenton Street Farmer’s Market to learn more about The Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring.

How the Society Started

The two became friends and founded the group after Batta completed design work for Ahmad’s small-batch candle company, Handmade Habitat in January 2015. While designing a logo for the company, they began talking about how interesting hand lettering is and decided to meet once a month to practice penmanship with likeminded letterers.

Both women are creative professionals as well as lettering enthusiasts. Christy Batta is a graphic designer for SW Creatives; Amina Ahmad owns Handmade Habitat and also does marketing and vendor relations for downtown Silver Spring’s weekly Fenton Street Market. Both Batta and Ahmad have a passion for lettering because it is a great way to exercise creativity and can even be therapeutic at times.

Being required to exercise lots of creativity at work can make it easy to neglect creative growth at home.  Like many professionals, ...

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Paint Tubes

Whether you’re painting with oil or acrylic, it can be hard to decide which paints to use for a project. Not only are there many variations of each color, there are different series of paints with significant differences in price range. This quick guide explains the differences between three grades of paint.

First, it helps to understand what paint is. Paint is pigment suspended in a liquid substance called binder. Binder is a vehicle for the pigment and can be made of different substances. The binder in most oil paint is linseed oil; the vehicle for watercolors is, of course, water. Acrylics are sometimes referred to as “water-based” because they are held together by an emulsion of water and plastic binders called polymers. Unlike oil paint, any water-based paint can be thinned or diluted with water.

There are more binders and fillers in craft and studio paints, so these paints tend to have greater color shift and less opacity. Color shift means the color of the paint is more easily diluted and altered when two or more colors are mixed together. There is less color shift when mixing artist quality paints together.

Craft Paint

The thin consistency of craft paint makes it versatile for ...

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