Don Brewer with his artwork

All images used with permission from Instagram @donniebeat. Clockwise from bottom left: Don Brewer, an urban plein air oil painting in process, "The Fortune Tellers" paper sculpture at a Plastic Club art show, and "Oneida Woods" oil on canvas.

Don Brewer decided to leap into the art world after a career in marketing. He attended college at the age of 45 to study art multimedia and web design at time when multimedia degrees were unheard of and logging onto the Internet meant dialing up through a telephone line. When I spoke with him on the phone for this interview, I could hear a relentless excitement beneath his calm and thoughtful demeanor. He explained a recent prize-wining photograph of his and how it represents not only an unusual visual perspective, but also what it means to live in a rapidly changing neighborhood. The photo is posted below, along with an explanation that is well worth the read. 

In speaking and corresponding with him, Don emphasized that, “It’s never too late to go to art school.” Don told me that attending school as an older student was one of the best experiences of his life, and he still keeps in contact with folks from his program. You can always make a cha...

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