art podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts? For those who are unfamiliar—podcasts are like radio programs, but you can tune in at any time to listen because they are stored online.

There are many interesting online podcasts about contemporary art and art history. Whether you’re looking for something to break up the monotony of the office workday, something to put on in the background when you’re at work in the studio, or interesting listening for a long road trip—these podcasts are perfect. Let us know if you have any other art podcasts you like to listen to!

(1.) Modern Art Notes -

The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a weekly program produced by art historian and critic Tyler Green. In each hour-long episode, Green interviews artists, art historians, curators, conservators and authors. This is a beyond-stellar podcast in terms of research, diversity and depth. Green asks great interview questions and the artists reveal the thought processes behind their artworks.

(2.) NPR Fine Art Podcasts -

NPR’s Fine Art podcasts page features a collection of programs that were broadcasted on the air or on the website and are now available for streaming and down...

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