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Arts councils are nonprofit organizations dedicated to promoting the arts by raising money for public art projects, awarding grants to artists, and organizing art and education events. If you’ve decided to make your artwork a crucial part of your income, you should check out your local arts council. These organizations can be great resources for working artists in search of funding for projects, students interested in artmaking, artists looking for professional development through classes and workshops, and anyone interested in participating in local arts events.

In addition to listing exhibitions and grant opportunities, arts councils typically offer free seminars and other events to help artists learn about the business-side of art. These organizations also provide support to the performing arts and offer resources to musicians and actors as well. If you are looking to become more involved in your local art scene, you might want to check out this list of arts councils located near our stores:


The Maryland State Arts Council website is a great resource—it includes links to the arts councils in every Maryland county: http://www.msac.org/meet-your-county-arts-council

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