Coloring book pages

The coloring book world saw an explosion last year, but not for children. Adults have become interested in coloring not only because it’s a fun and nostalgic activity, but also because it's a way to sooth and calm the mind. Coloring is scientifically proven to reduce stress. The process of coloring allows the brain to enter into a sort of meditative state that is different from the brainwaves produced when creating original artwork.

(1) Study Top Coloring Trends

There are a lot of different topics and concepts in the coloring book world right now. Check the coloring book offerings on our website to see a sample of what others are doing and which types of coloring books seem to be most popular right now. Searching for the top selling coloring books on Amazon is also a good way to see which topics are trending with adult coloring aficionados. If you want to create a coloring book that focuses on a popular topic, brainstorm how you will set yourself apart from other coloring book designers.

The adult coloring book market exploded in 2015 and it remains uncertain how long this trend will continue. As long as adults are still buying coloring books, there will continue to be a demand for th...

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