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Getting started with oil painting can be daunting, not only because it is more labor and clean-up intensive than acrylic painting, but also because it seems that more tools are required. It’s true. You may need a few extra mediums and tools than you might need for acrylic or watercolor painting, but oil painting is worth the extra steps. Many artists attracted to oil painting because oil paint offers what many consider unparalleled color intensity, luminescent tinting power and luscious glossiness.

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out which colors to buy to start a basic set to work from. Primary colors are obviously needed, along with black and white. But what other colors are good palette starters? You may want to buy a couple of extra tubes of certain colors to go along with the basics.

We highly recommend taking an oil painting class or workshop to get yourself started. We offer oil painting classes several times a year at our Rockville, Nashville, Towson, and Kenwood locations. Check out our workshop guides to give yourself that extra push to try a new medium.

Which Colors to Start With (Buy These Paints)

There are slightly different opinions about which colors to start out wit...

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Madeleine Finley: Colorful Chaos

May 12, 2016 1:35:08 PM

Madeleine Finley - Oil Painting

Madeleine Finley is a painter from the Washington, DC area. She creates colorful abstract oil paintings, each containing a beautiful chaos of letters, lines and fragmented figures. Sometimes emerging artists will incorporate words into their work and the integration seems trite, but Madeleine’s use of lettering is abstract and intriguing. Along with her acute awareness of color and unusual compositions, her paintings are fun to explore.

Madeleine had her first solo show in Puerto Rico, as a part of the Trailer Park Proyects. Trailer Park Proyects is a traveling gallery in the trailer of a box truck. TPP gives both emerging and established artists the opportunity to show work in various locations across the city of San Juan. The project also sets a maximum price of $500 on all exhibiting works to make the artwork more accessible for younger and modest art collectors.

In the following interview, Madeleine illustrates the importance of exploring different opportunities and venues for practicing your craft as an artist.  One opportunity that Madeleine has particularly enjoyed in the DC area is being a member of DC Arts Studios. DCAS, an organization located in Takoma Park, Maryland, is a...

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