winsor newton pigment marker

Are you curious about Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers? Not sure how they’ll look on certain types of paper? Read this post to discover various results you can get with this awesome range.

These popular markers were released in 2015 and have exceptional lightfastness and fantastic blending properties. Each marker in this series has a lightfastness rating of A—it will take up to 100 years before color change or fading affects the high quality pigments. Artwork produced with pigment-based markers last longer compared to other types of markers. The ink is about as thin as most alcohol-based markers and stays wetter slightly longer, allowing for extra blending time.

The Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker range includes a unique white blender marker for blending colors together. The white blender can also be used to create pastel tints, soften colors, add highlights and draw on dark paper. Pigment-based markers should always be stored horizontally instead of vertically to help them maintain their flow and color brilliancy.

Pigment markers tend to work better on certain types of paper, and work especially well on coated papers. Coated papers reduce bleeding and generally any paper that is coated marker paper will work well. In this post, we’re going to look at how Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers perform on 5 different kinds of paper that enhance blendablity: Canson Vidalon, Clearprint Vellum, Matte Duralar, TerraSkin and Yupo paper.

Canson Vidalon is a watercolor paper. It's made from 100% cellulose and has a prominent grain. After applying Pigment Markers, the paper curled slightly after drying, but allowed for good color transparency and blending.

canson vidalon with winsor & newton pigment markerClearprint Vellum is 100% cotton rag, thin and slightly transparent. This vellum seems to work really well with this marker range.

clearprint vellum with winsor & newton pigment marker


Matte Duralar allows these markers to be somewhat transparent.

matte duralar with winsor & newton pigment markerTerraSkin is very opaque and allows some marker blending.

TerraSkin with winsor & newton pigment marker


Yupo paper allows markers to appear very opaque, and very blendable.

Yupo paper with winsor & newton pigment markerOther recommended papers for certain styles of pigment marker application include: Pentalic Paper for Pens, Crescent RendR, Strathmore 500 Series Marker Paper, Borden & Riley Paris Bleedproof Paper For Pens, Canson Pro-Layout and Bee Artist Marker Paper. These choices work well for producing clean, bright images with crisp edges, but do not allow blending.