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Facts About Tracing Paper

Jun 8, 2016 8:16:00 AM

trippy racing rolls

What is Tracing Paper?

Tracing paper is a very thin, low opacity paper used to trace and transfer images. This translucent paper was first mass-produced in the mid-19th century. Tracing paper can be made from treated wood pulp or from cotton rag. Tracing paper is a versatile surface; it is translucent and designed to accept most drawing media. It can be used for transfer tracing, fine line drawing, and overlays. Vellum tracing paper is super thin; it is a higher quality translucent paper that is good for engineer plans and technical drawing.

The History of Tracing Paper

Mechanical paper production caused tracing paper to be made more cheaply and efficiently than previous handmade tracing papers. Like most paper in the 1800s, tracing paper was originally made from cotton rag. Today, it is typically made with wood sulfite pulp and it continues to be perfect for all sorts of professional applications. Widely used by map makers, engineers and architects when it was first manufactured, tracing paper is still used by artists, architects and other professionals today.

Tracing Paper in Engineering

Architects and other civil engineers often use tracing paper rolls for blueprints and other planni...

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What is a Giclée Print?

May 26, 2016 3:29:34 PM

giclée printer

What is a Giclée Print?

A giclée print is simply a high quality print made with an inkjet printer. The term was coined in 1991 to describe fine arts prints made on Iris inkjet printers. These large-format printers were invented in the late 1980s and allowed high-resolution photographic images to be printed by an inkjet. Iris prints were popular because they could reproduce the exact colors of artwork more accurately than previous printing processes.

The term giclée is derived from the French verb gicluer, which means “to squirt or spray,” referring to the action of the inkjet nozzles creating an image reproduction. Though poplar in English, the term has not caught on with Francophones because giclée coincidentally happens to be French slang for a male body function that also has to do with reproduction. Over the years, giclée prints have become associated with any type of inkjet printing that uses high quality inks and archival paper to reproduce high resolution images of artwork. Litho prints continue to be a popular way to reproduce images of art, but giclée printing offers greater resolution and color accuracy.

Epson, Canon and HP are leading large-format printers used to produce g...

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Madeleine Finley: Colorful Chaos

May 12, 2016 1:35:08 PM

Madeleine Finley - Oil Painting

Madeleine Finley is a painter from the Washington, DC area. She creates colorful abstract oil paintings, each containing a beautiful chaos of letters, lines and fragmented figures. Sometimes emerging artists will incorporate words into their work and the integration seems trite, but Madeleine’s use of lettering is abstract and intriguing. Along with her acute awareness of color and unusual compositions, her paintings are fun to explore.

Madeleine had her first solo show in Puerto Rico, as a part of the Trailer Park Proyects. Trailer Park Proyects is a traveling gallery in the trailer of a box truck. TPP gives both emerging and established artists the opportunity to show work in various locations across the city of San Juan. The project also sets a maximum price of $500 on all exhibiting works to make the artwork more accessible for younger and modest art collectors.

In the following interview, Madeleine illustrates the importance of exploring different opportunities and venues for practicing your craft as an artist.  One opportunity that Madeleine has particularly enjoyed in the DC area is being a member of DC Arts Studios. DCAS, an organization located in Takoma Park, Maryland, is a...

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Kate Plourde - Pool - 2016

Being an artist means being open to discovery; being an abstract artist also means being constantly open to uncertainty. How do you paint a feeling rather than an object? How do you guide your mediums when you can’t see what you’re painting in front of you?

Kate Plourde is an abstract artist living in Washington, DC. She creates ethereal large-scale abstract paintings on paper; exploring memory, experiences and emotions in her delicate, smoky forms and landscape-like contours. “I’m always looking for ways to play with what the medium wants to do and what I want the medium to do,” says Kate.

Though she typically creates her paintings using mediums like Liquitex and Golden acrylics on high quality Rives BFK or Stonehenge paper, Kate does not limit herself to one mode of creating. She occasionally practices the esoteric art of bookbinding, as well as creating ultra-modern digital art. For part of her thesis at the Corcoran, she used Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to create the digital animation installation, “Tidal” (2015), which is pictured further below.

It is always interesting to see how abstract artists title their pieces and what role the title plays in the viewer’s perception o...

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Coloring book pages

The coloring book world saw an explosion last year, but not for children. Adults have become interested in coloring not only because it’s a fun and nostalgic activity, but also because it's a way to sooth and calm the mind. Coloring is scientifically proven to reduce stress. The process of coloring allows the brain to enter into a sort of meditative state that is different from the brainwaves produced when creating original artwork.

(1) Study Top Coloring Trends

There are a lot of different topics and concepts in the coloring book world right now. Check the coloring book offerings on our website to see a sample of what others are doing and which types of coloring books seem to be most popular right now. Searching for the top selling coloring books on Amazon is also a good way to see which topics are trending with adult coloring aficionados. If you want to create a coloring book that focuses on a popular topic, brainstorm how you will set yourself apart from other coloring book designers.

The adult coloring book market exploded in 2015 and it remains uncertain how long this trend will continue. As long as adults are still buying coloring books, there will continue to be a demand for th...

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