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claybord™ tools – The Perfect tools for Claybord™ and Scratchbord™

For professional results with Scratchbord™ and Claybord™, try the Claybord Tools. Use the Scratch Knife for drawing and fine details, the Line Tool for cross hatching, the Fiber Brush to remove large areas of paint or ink, and the Wire Brush to create grass and hair textures. The Scratchbord Toolkit includes one of each of the tools listed above, and a sample of Claybord and oil-free steel wool are included free for experimentation.

Claybord Inks are pigmented, permanent and transparent and are especially formulated for painting on Claybord and Scratchbord. They can also be used in technical pens, for silk painting, and on other surfaces. Set includes six ½ oz. bottles: light green, carmine red, ultramarine blue, black repair, sepia and yellow.

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Claybord Ink Set of 6 Colors

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Fiber Brush

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Line Tool

List Price: $14.23

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Scratch Knife

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Scratchbord Toolkit

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Wire Brush

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