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Choose your paint canvas according to your personal preference and the medium you’re working with. Shop Plaza Artist Materials for wide variety of blank canvases including stretched canvas, bulk canvas and canvas rolls, canvas panels and multimedia boards. Find accessories including staplers, stretcher boards and canvas stretching pliers. Determine the canvas material you need. Canvas fabrics are woven from natural and synthetic fibers. The most commonly used natural fibers are linen and cotton. Linen is by far the superior because of its strength and resistance to decay. Woven from flax, the weave persists throughout many layers of paint in both fine and course textures. Linen is the fiber that Rembrandt used.

Ampersand Selected Museum Panels
Strathmore 300 Series Canvas Pads
Jack Richeson Gesso Panel Packs
Strathmore 400 Series Acrylic Pads
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