It is necessary to use erasing tools in properly preparing and correcting drawings. The eraser is used to remove preliminary or unwanted lines. An erasing shield is used to remove a line that is close to other lines on the drawing that are not being removed. The shield protects the good lines. Electric erasers are extremely useful for extensive drafting.

We offer a variety of eraser types, including Artgum erasers, which double as a both non-abrasive eraser and a dry cleaner. Artgum Erasers leave a fine powder after erasing that dry-cleans the surface by absorbing graphite and dirt. Clutch Stick Erasers are pencil shaped and are designed for use in very small areas and can be pointed. Electric erasers are perfect for art and drafting projects where a lot of erasing is needed; useful for erasing pencil lines after inking, or when big mistakes have been made. Electric erasers remove marks and lines easily and quickly. Kneaded rubber erasers are excellent for removing and highlighting chalks, charcoals and pastels; they knead into any shape, remove marks cleanly and leave surfaces smooth and bright. White vinyl (plastic) erasers can be used on tracing cloth, film or paper. Vinyl erasers are either hard or extremely soft and won't leave marks on the drawing surface; they are good for erasing many types of drawing media and are commonly used when drafting.

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Derwent Battery Eraser

List Price: $15.59

Plaza Price $12.47

Derwent Battery Eraser 30 Refills

List Price: $4.99

Plaza Price $3.99

Design Artgum Eraser Medium

List Price: $1.22

Plaza Price $0.98

Dust-Free Green Art Eraser

List Price: $1.53

Plaza Price $1.22

Dust-Free Vinyl Eraser Small

List Price: $0.66

Plaza Price $0.53

Epure Oval White Vinyl Eraser

List Price: $1.70

Plaza Price $1.36

Faber-Castell Kneaded Eraser Large

List Price: $0.97

Plaza Price $0.78

Factis BM-2 Mechanical Eraser

List Price: $6.29

Plaza Price $5.03

Factis Combo Ink Eraser

List Price: $0.64

Plaza Price $0.51