Light Boxes

A light box consists of a translucent glass or plastic screen held in a rigid frame and illuminated from below by a light. The slight opacity of the screen helps to defuse the light evenly over the area – an important consideration for effective color evaluation and control of color in reprographic and printing work. It is in these areas that a light box is used most frequently. Transmitted light is very useful for work on film surfaces and any piece requiring registrations with other related drawings. Designers, multi-media artists and scrapbookers also employ the light box as an aid to accurate tracing and retouching where a high degree of show through from the original is required in order to see small details.

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LightPad A930 9x12

List Price: $174.99

Plaza Price $129.99

LightPad A940 12x17

List Price: $279.99

Plaza Price $209.99


List Price: $65.99

Plaza Price $49.99

Wafer 1 9x12 Lightbox

List Price: $175.00

Plaza Price $140.00

Wafer 2 11x17 Lightbox

List Price: $275.00

Plaza Price $220.00