Golden OPEN Mediums

GOLDEN OPEN Mediums, like OPEN Acrylic Colors, are slow-drying. They are used for extending or modifying the transparency and viscosity of acrylic paints. They will stay wet on the palette for extended periods without skinning over, making them perfect for extended painting sessions or labor-intensive projects. They are fully compatible and may be blended with most other GOLDEN Acrylics, Mediums and Gels. OPEN Acrylic Colors, Gels and Mediums are best used in thin layers. For thicker applications and texture, faster drying GOLDEN Acrylic Colors, Gels or Mediums are strongly recommended.

Use OPEN Mediums to:
  • Extend acrylic paint
  • Modify the transparency and viscosity of acrylic paint
  • Create glazes and increase gloss
  • Improve adhesion and film integrity
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