Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colors

Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Paint

Oil colors have been used in various forms since the fifteenth century. The popularity of oil color can be attributed to its extraordinary versatility. It offers excellent results from the traditional painting techniques of blending and glazing, impasto and scumbling.

Winsor & Newton began making color in 1832 and swiftly developed and subsequently maintains a reputation for unparalleled excellence and consistency worldwide. The most recent advances in pigment technology have allowed them to build upon their already high standards and further improve the range for artists. The improvements are a result of using new and unique pigments, which offer increased permanence and greater color strength.

Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Color is produced with the perfect combination of the traditional crafts of color production and modern color technology skills. The most suitable drying oils and methods of dispersion allow the unique properties of each color to be preserved. Each color contains the maximum pigment content consistent with good handling qualities, in order to provide optimum tinting strength when mixed with white. Artists' Oil Color has a reputation for unmatched purity, quality, and reliability.

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