Winsor & Newton Artists' Oilbar

Winsor & Newton Artists Oilbars

Winsor & Newton Artists' Oilbars are genuine artists' oil colors in a solid stick. They offer artists an exciting and versatile way of painting and drawing - from sketching to sgraffito. Oilbars can be used in combination with tube colors for exciting new creative possibilities. Convenient and portable, Oilbars combine the rich, buttery consistency of tube oil color with the immediacy of pastels and charcoal. Developed by artists for artists, they are made from quality artists' grade pigments, oils and specially selected waxes. The broad range of colors harmonizes with all other Winsor & Newton oil color ranges. Colors transfer to canvas with little pressure, allowing artists to create bold gestures and subtle passages. Oilbars feature extended time before skinning for more convenience and less waste.

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