Clearprint 1000H Drafting Vellum Rolls

Clearprint 1000H Drafting & Design Vellum Rolls

Clearprint 1000H Drafting Vellum Rolls are made from oil-treated, 100% cotton rag content paper. The archival quality, strength, erasability and redraw characteristics of this 100% new cotton fiber vellum make it ideal for manual drafting or with colored pencils, markers and more. Translucency of this 16 lb. media is achieved without the use of solvents, and the uniform surface is ideal for ink and pencil.

Clearprint Drafting Vellum has served the engineering and architectural professions for over 50 years. Made at the Crane Papermill of America, where much of the finest writing paper is made, Clearprint retains its character, strength, printing quality and transparency under extended exposure to atmosphere, age, heat and light. Excellent erasing strength. Watermarked.

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