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Arches Premium Art Papers started in 1492 with a skillful blend of carefully selected natural cotton fibers. The subtleties of the grain give this paper a unique touch and bulk, maintained over the years by the industrial papermaking process and the cutting and inspection of each sheet. Arches is known for quality and has been relied upon over centuries as experts producing a paper with outstanding physical and chemical properties and an inimitable natural look.

Arches Watercolor Paper

Arches Watercolor Paper

Arches 100% cotton watercolor paper is made on a cylinder mould ensuring the fibers are evenly distributed so the paper slackens uniformly when wet. This paper is also gelatin sized “to the core” which preserves the luster and transparency of the watercolors, preventing the paint from sinking into the paper.

Arches Printmaking Papers

Arches Printmaking Paper

Arches 100% cotton printmaking papers are acid-free with no optical brightening agents. Arches Cover is a fine grain paper perfect for art publishing and producing prints. Arches 88 is an unsized paper with a very smooth satin grain surface which is ideal for screen printing.

Arches Oil Paper

Arches Oil Paper

Arches 100% cotton oil paper has a grain comparable to a stretched canvas. It requires no prior preparation. The surface is semi-absorbent which allows the paint to maintain its color, stay on the surface, and dry faster. This oil paper is also suitable for marouflage.

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